2016 Year in Review


The Year 2016

We are in the first major snowstorm in a few years. Visibility is 100 yards and we have maybe a couple feet of snow.

This year’s start date of April 4th probably won’t happen this next year. We had a very dry first part of summer. On July 10th we had our first summer rain with major hail south and west of my yard. It took our corn yields to 110 and pinto yields to 700.

It was a bit dry for the early crops. We finished barley combining in July. It ran about 100. Genesis is a 2 row malting barley variety. Craft brewing has greatly increased malt demand, there is also barley being used in the pet food business. Quantum peas we harvested next and averaged about 44 bu/acre. The light ground and early dryness hurt us. We like to think peas will run a little less than wheat. The wheat harvest came next with yields in the mid 60’s. Not a single field ran over 80. The Faller usually gives us an 80 bu field. Our 2 new wheat varieties are Valda, an Agri Pro variety with excellent yield potential, and Shelly, an U of Minnesota variety that is a improved Faller. We received 40 bu of Shelly and seeded it on 80 acres, it ran 72bu/a. You just never know.

Pinto harvest was hard. The thing wrong with swathing is inopportune rains. We had some of that. With rain and hail, yields ranged from 750 to 2400 #. I averaged 1275#/ac. That was the same average as last year. Lariats struggled for yield this year compared to Lapaz, last year the Lariats ran better. Seedwest varieties tend to have a smaller, less desirable seed size. Torreon seems larger. Ours were hailed so we couldn't compare. Slow darkening pintos are definitely coming. NDSU Palamino should have good availability next year. They are a nice looking bean. We will see how they perform on increased acres in our area.

My soybeans were mostly non GMO Bison, a 0.7 maturity and Ashtabula, a 0.4 maturity. Yields, like everywhere else, were 50+ on good fields. My thinking with the non roundup beans is, narrow rows and 200,000 plants/ac to get a quick canopy to help control Roundup resistant weeds. The Bison especially had an early dense canopy.

It was a good corn year. Our yields were 112 to 175. Corn and soy acres will increase again in our area at the expense of wheat.


The peas have shown strength lately. Current crop is $7.50/bu+ NC Peas $6 to $6.50/bu. Lots of peas also going into pet foods also.

The pintos have dropped $1 since harvest to $29. Brazil has taken beans for the first time in many years. Mexico has enough beans for now, but there is speculation they will need beans in the spring. The peso continues to get cheaper against the dollar. Domestic usage is good. We will see how dry bean acres hold up going into 2017. Pinto NC is about $24. Good 2016 soy yields and stronger prices may reduce the pinto acres.

Thanks for your past business and we look forward to working together in the future!